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Become a Climate Activist in India!

Next teams: November 2020 and May 2021


5 month volunteering programme for the environment



The first part of the course is based at CICD in England. Studies include global affairs, history and culture of India, organic and permaculture farming methods and practical skills training.


Team building and nature experiences

Studies about India and the Climate Crisis

Taking care of our Garden Farm


Together with members of your team, you join the local NGO Humana People to People in India. The projects focus on education, sustainable farming and energy.


Working together for change

Community development work

Teaching the children


You return to CICD to conclude on your experiences. You present reports and pictures and share with the public around in Europe.

Inform about important issues

Sharing what you have learned

Presenting with your team

Scholarships available!

Places available now in our Gaia Environment Team to raise the programme costs.

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5 Months Climate Activist

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Click here to read much more about our college – the programmes – and the work at the projects in Africa and India: www.cicd-volunteerinafrica.org