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Welcome to College for International Co-operation and Development in Hull, England

We invite you to join one of our teams of activists!

* Volunteer for community development, health and education for people in need
* Be an activist for our climate
* Study and put your knowledge to use for development
* Travel and get new perspectives
* Enjoy life in an international community 

Another Kind of Education – travelling overland through Sahara in your own bus.
Poverty Activist programme
12 months.
Starting date: August 2022
  • 5 months preparations
  • 6 months project period
  • 1 month evaluation



Another Kind of Education – honing your skills as a progressive educator

People for Change / Planet Protection

6 months.
Starting date: April and November 2022
  • 14 weeks studies and practical preparations at College for International Co-operation and Development in England (CICD)

  • 3 weeks bus journey overland through Europe to the environmental project

  • 8 weeks of transformative action volunteering at the environmental project

  • 4 weeks of bringing your messages to the public, travelling back to CICD through Europe

You need to cover the costs of your training, but if you don’t have much money –
don’t give up!
Contact us about how to apply for the Gaia scholarship programme.

Click here to read much more about our college – the programmes – and the work at the projects in Africa and India: www.cicd-volunteerinafrica.org